Member Resources


Effective September 1, 2013
Fees are subject to change without prior notice.
New Fee
Paper Statement Fee for Online Banking Users     $2/statement
*Share Account Service Fee                                 $1/ month  

*Fee Waived- if member’s month-end share balance is greater than $500;

or if the member has a current loan account balance, credit card
or is an All4You accountholder.

ATM Transactions                                                  5 FREE/Month 
   Additional ATM Transactions                               $2.50/transaction
   ATM Balance Inquiry                                            $0.75/inquiry

Audio Response                                                      5 FREE/Week, $1 thereafter

Credit Union Online-Home Banking                      
with electronic statement         

Credit Union Online PayIT-Bill Payer                        FREE with *active checking      

                                                                                and active monthly bill payment

PayIT-Bill Payer Reactivation Fee                            $10

Over Draft Transfers                                              $5/ item for automatic transfer
                                                                                $10/ item for manual transfer
Staff Assisted Telephone Transactions                 $2

Returned Item Fee 
   Share Draft ACH/ Preauthorized EFT                   $30/ item

   Paid NSF Fee                                                        $30/item
   Paid NSF Fee balance below $10                        $10/item
Deposit Item Returned Fee                                      $30 / item
Stop Payment Fee                                                   $30 /request
ACH Stop Payment Fee                                           $50/request

Drafts Back to Member                                            $8 /month

Draft Copy Fee                                                        $3 /item
Statement Copy Fee                                                $1 /page
Official Check/ Money Order Inquiry                       $5      

Account Research/ Reconciliation                          $20 /hour

Wire Transfer-Incoming                                           $10 / item                          

Wire Transfer-Outgoing                                           $20 / item

Money Order Fee                                                     $2 /item 

Dormant Account Fee                                              $5/month after 1 year <$100

Card Replacement Fee                                             $5 first replacement
   Additional Replacement prior to renewal              $20

ATM/Debit Card PIN Replacement Mailer                  $5
ATM/Debit Re-activate after overdraft                     $5

Reloadable Visa Debit Card                                     $5

Reload Fee Visa Debit Card                                     $5

Address Correction/Return Statement/                    $10/first month-
  Postal Notification of Address Change                  $5/month thereafter

Escheat Administration                                             $50

Money Market Account Low Balance Fee               $10

Money Market Account Transaction Fee                  $10
   (for over 6 or more than 3 checks per month)

Holiday/Vacation Club Early Withdrawal                   $10  

Closed Membership Fee Open<6 months                  $5

Subordination Agreement Processing                       $150

Auto Loan Refinance Fee                                         $100

Other Loan Refinance Fee                                        $50
Check Withdrawal Fee Minimum $50                         $1                 
  Check Withdrawal Fee <$50                                   $2
  Mailed Check W/D Fee Minimum $50                       $2
  Mailed Check Withdrawal Fee <$50                        $3

Legal Process Fee-
   Tax Levy, Writ, Garnishment                                  $50