National Credit Union Youth Week — April 21-27

Every year since 2002 credit unions all over the country haveset aside one week in April to give special attention to theneeds of young people. That week is known as National CreditUnion Youth Week. This year it runs from April 20 to April 26.

In keeping with the spirit of National Credit Union YouthWeek, we’d like to encourage you to give some thought to the young people in your life. How prepared will they be to befinancially responsible adults? Maybe it’s time to give them afew lessons in how to handle money. If you haven’t done soalready, one good way to begin is by opening accounts forthem at the credit union. Then teach them to make deposits totheir savings every time they get some money.

In the long run, our whole society will benefit if each of us takes the time todayto see that our children are financially literate.

Open an account for your child during the month of April!!